ALGAE OIL (Microalgae cosmetics)

Brand Names
Microalgae Oil for The Algenist brand
EverDeep ®
Algasome™ complex
Current Status
Corporate Partners
Uses and Applications
Engineered Organism
Further Notes
TerraVia (formerly Solazyme) recently announced the sale of 80% of its interest in its Algenist business to Tengram Capital Partners, a private equity firm that focuses exclusively on consumer and retail companies that owns exclusive, highly recognizable brands. As part of the transaction, TerraVia will continue to be an ingredient supplier for the Algenist brand, which includes skincare products containing TerraVia’s algae-based ingredients including Alguronic acid and microalgae oil. The Algenist skincare line is being distributed in major retail channels such as Sephora, ULTA and QVC. (TerraVia sold the Algenist brand to Tengram Capital Partners as of August 2016)