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Agrivida’s INzyme® technology is a biological “off-on” switch engineered into enzymes to control their activity. Enzymes can be engineered with self-splicing peptides, called inteins, and produced in grain, green plants, fermentation microbes, or other hosts in a “dormant” form, where they accumulate in high concentrations. The enzymes are reactivated on command using a selected, controlled change in temperature or pH at a precise time, maximizing their value in the process or application. + Feedstock: Grain, lignocellulosic biomass and sugar + Agrivida’s GraINzyme® technology is an expression platform for making recombinant or synthetic proteins in grain and other plant tissues. Using GraINzyme® technology, Agrivida is commercializing a series of enzyme and protein products that are produced and delivered in grain. These initial products target the animal nutrition industry and improve feed conversion, yields, and the ef ciency of food production. PARTNERSHIPS AND FINANCING. In 2014, Agrivida entered a trait development collaboration with Precision BioSciences to use Directed Nuclease EditorTM (DNE) technology. In 2015, Agrivida completed a $23 million Series D nancing led by Cultivian Sandbox Ventures, joined by an af liate of Maschhoff Family Foods, ARCH Venture Partners, Middleland Capital and existing investors Kleiner Perkins Cau eld AND Byers, DAG Ventures, Bright Capital Partners, Gentry Venture Partners, Northgate Capital, Prairie Gold and private investors. From BIO document 2016 available at: