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Current Status
Further Notes
The synthesis of vitamin C generally is carried out as a complicated, six step procedure (Reichenstein-Process). One of those processing steps is fermentational: the microorganisms (Acetobacter) deployed here are conventionally bred, meaning they are not genetically modified. A company in the USA has developed a new production technique that applies GM microorganisms (Erwinia herbicola, Erwinia citreus). With this, the production process is reduced to two steps. It also is now possible directly to produce vitamin C and ascorbic acid respectively with the aid of GM micro-organisms. This procedure is assumed to be used in a few Asian countries which deliver large quantities of vitamin C to Europe. The production of vitamin C and ascorbic acid respectively with GM microorganisms technically mature/fully developed and is used commercially. Detailed information about the Anwendungsstand is not available. From GMO- Compass;