ALDEHYDES (Fatty aromatics and fragrant aldehydes)

Apple fragrance
citrus fragrance
orange peel fragrance
violet fragrance
Almond flavour
sweet blossom flavour
vanilla flavour
cinnamon flavour
lemon fragrance
saffron fragrance
Current Status
Engineered Organism
Further Notes
Fatty aldehydes such as hexanal, octanal, decanal, and dodecanal offer apple, citrus, orange peel, and violet scents, respectively. Aromatic aldehydes, such as benzaldehyde, anisaldehyde, vanillin, and cinnamaldehyde, are responsible for the natural fragrances of almond, sweet blossom, vanilla, and cinnamon, respectively. Notable terpenoid aldehydes include citral, which provides lemon scent, and safranal, which is one of the primary molecules responsible for saffron aroma.